Grantham Wk3 White Lake Ambulance Authority vs Emily C Kroll Case Study Paper
February 22, 2021
Key Issues Before Correctional Officers
February 22, 2021

please answear below

Pick two of the types of criminal acts discussed in the chapter, and conduct an internet search for cases in which a security professional was charged with those particular offenses. Explain in detail the facts of the case, why you selected it and the outcome of the case. Cite at least two sources.
The student will ensure all syllabus requirements are met. (Minimum word count is 400; max is 500.)

Feedback from last paper I got an 79 on this paper

You didn’t get a fully developed essay with an intro (thesis sentence and key points that you will discuss in the body), body, and conclusion. Be clear with the key points. You need to tell me what you are going to tell me up front. You took each question one at a time. Interesting technique.

Some grammar errors. See my edits. Good work. What about Button and White?

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