February 7, 2021
Descriptive Statistics
February 7, 2021

Please understand the requirements


Part I:Find an Article

Choose an article from a major news magazine, newspaper, or credible online source that discusses something about systems analysis and technology.

Part II:Written Response

Paragraph I—Summary:Write a summary of the article in your own words.The summary should clearly demonstrate your understanding of the material.

Paragraph II—Explanation:Explain how this article relates to what we are studying in the class.

Paragraph III—Commentary:Describe how this article expanded your understanding of issues important to what we’re currently studying, or the current state of systems analysis and technology overall.

Part III:Questions for Discussion

Write two questions that come to mind concerning the issues or events mentioned in the article.


  • Must be typed
  • Font should be no smaller than 12
  • Double-spaced
  • Reference must be cited at end of the summary
  • A copy of the article must be attached!

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