There 2 topics to discuss with few questions each one regarding HR
February 7, 2021
please pick one from below
February 7, 2021

Please Write Memorandum In APA 6th Edition Format! Thanks!

Essay: The Ethics of Practice

Choose one of the following criminal justice organizations and scenarios.

  • You are the Deputy Chief of Police at a medium-size, suburban police department considering adopting the use of Tasers as part of its continuum of sanctions.
  • You are a District Court Judge recommending the creation of a Drug Treatment Court.
  • You are the Secretary of Corrections for a state evaluating implementing a furlough program allowing weekend releases for offenders.

With your chosen organization, use the CSU-Global Library and other credible sources to conduct research on your chosen scenario. Based on your research, provide an analysis of recommendations to effectively and ethically implement that practice. Based on your research, you will then write a 6- to 8-page memorandum to the State Criminal Justice Policy Commission summarizing your recommendations.

Your memorandum, formatted according to the APA 6th Edition standards, must include each of the following:

  1. Describe the chosen practice in detail. Include a brief history of the use of the practice in other locales.
  2. What are the ethical questions involved regarding your practice? Ensure that you identify them according to each of the ethical frameworks we identified in Week 1.
  3. Make a recommendation as to how this practice should be implemented. This will include a specific time frame, including a time line, the clients who will be served (for example, first-time offenders only or nonviolent offenders), and describe in detail how the program will work, based on evidence-based practice from the literature.
  4. Discuss the challenges and possible barriers to implementing this practice.
  5. Identify and describe in detail all of the stakeholders affected by this practice.
  6. Describe the possible outcomes of implementing this practice.

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