Restorative Justice Presentation
December 26, 2020
The incremental impact of coca colas new soy blended soft drink
December 26, 2020

Prepare Industry Ratios for Walmart, Inc.

After researching the industry for the public company you have selected for your final project, prepare selected industry ratios. Discuss any trend data you observe and highlight any deviations for expectations you may find. Be sure to discuss the substantive tests you may perform as a result of your findings. You may look at exhibit 4.12 in your text as a guide for setting up your analysis but you are not beholden to using only those ratios and statistics noted in the exhibit. You are free to include others as you see fit but be sure to discuss why you believe they may be relevant to your audit objectives. Note: you will also attach this financial exhibit to your Final Project.

Your response should be approximately 750 words and you should use APA formatting. Your essay should use 12 point font and be double spaced. The financial exhibit not included in word count. Click here for a rubric for this assignment.

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