Ethics in the Courts Presentation
December 28, 2020
Hiring employee for a position
December 28, 2020

project human resources and quality management

Continue to build your MS Project schedule and this time assign cost and human resources for all activities you mentioned. Should include a plan on how you’re going to manage quality; Prepare a simple 1-page quality management plan and present it with the updated MS Project schedule.

Deliverable 1: Updated Project Schedule

Deliverable 2: Quality Management Plan.

The MS Project cost should include the salary and budget information. Should also consider the cost of possible overtime pay.

“Don’t forget the cost of additional people, equipment, and technology for team members and the cost of the services rendered by the vendors, It should include additional maintenance and training costs as well.”

Your project schedule have covered salary and budget information from your discussions, and the cost of overtime, additional people, equipment, and technology. Also include the cost of services rendered by the vendors.

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