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February 24, 2021
List five lessons or takeaways that you have learned in this course this week that you consider to be important
February 24, 2021

Project Management Tool for Welfare Crisis

Project Schedule – Project Management Tool for Welfare Crisis

For this assessment, use Microsoft Project to create a preliminary schedule for the project you selected in Assessment 1. Microsoft Project is provided through a Toolwire virtual desktop for your use to create the project schedule. If you already have Microsoft Project (2007 or later) on your computer, feel free to use your own version.

Be sure to use the following resources as you complete your assessment:

  • Review the Concept Map (linked in the Resources under the Capella Multimedia heading) to see how the project schedule fits into the project management life cycle. (attached)

Complete the following:

  • Have tasks driven by duration (that is, do not enter a start or a stop date, but let Microsoft Project calculate the time required).
  • Use summary tasks to organize the schedule into project phases. Note that:
    • Summary tasks do not have duration.
    • Microsoft Project rolls-up the sub-tasks or “sums” them in the summary task.
  • Include tasks that start as soon as possible.
  • Provide adequate detail to describe the project.
  • Determine predecessors and completion dates.
  • Determine deliverables ending with a milestone.
  • Develop a review (either technical or executive) for each phase.
  • Incorporate industry best practices to successfully meet schedule plans.

Submit your project schedule as a Microsoft Project file.

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