Five-Step Marketing Research Approach Presentation
December 28, 2020
Strategic Plan Part I: Proposal of a New Division
December 28, 2020

Project manager competencies and ethics

Review the “They are Business Leaders at Spotlight Corporation” case on pp. 409-416 of the textbook. Drawing on the case discussion and using research from scholarly sources, what are 5-6 key competencies that are required of project managers in your company or industry? How are these competencies linked to a company’s strategy and the ability to remain competitive? As companies are demanding more from project managers, what are some ways project managers can improve their competencies? Make sure to fully explain the competencies and the rationale for choosing them.

This is a discussion question, textbook attached. Please provide atleast 2 references (one can be textbook). No APA format expected. Inline citation is required.

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