Answers to questions can be found in the Agile for Dummies and DevOps for Dummies books
February 8, 2021
Global Societal Problem, Argument and Solution
February 8, 2021

Project plan

recourse requirement

Identify the requirements needed for the resources (equipment and human) for your project. Human resource requirements should include the job titles or subject matter expertise required to complete the project expertise. All resources assigned or utilized for this project must be listed.


Show a table of your resource accountability matrix for each assigned role/resource and each project stakeholder and show who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed (RACI).

change management plan

Create a change control process and describe the process that will be used to manage changes for this project. Your change control plan should include a definition for how you will manage change, plans for processing those changes and how those changes will be implemented. Any analysis and customer interaction should be included as well as approval processes for the plan. You will need to research this item but make sure you cite your sources and be creative! You will need to find at least one change request example and include it in the appendix.

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