Leadership Development Plan II
January 12, 2021
Answer Discussion Question
January 12, 2021

Project Requirements

This is a team project. I am not responsible for the entire paper, only what is in italics and bold. Please refer to the attached assignments from last week’s posts.

Prepare a project requirements matrix, a risk assessment matrix, and a cost breakdown for the Learning Team project selected in Week 2. Microsoft® Excel can be used to prepare these documents.

Collect and evaluate the high-level project requirements.

Prepare a requirements matrix that includes:

  • Requirement
  • Phase of the Project
  • Responsible Party
  • Cost to complete
  • Duration to complete

Prepare a risk assessment matrix that includes:

  • Risk
  • Potential of risk occurring
  • Level of impact to the project
  • How risk can be mitigated

Prepare the project cost breakdown sheet. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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