Had Lea received prior notice of the disclaimer on the sign on the wall because she had previously stayed at this hotel and had been accommodated in rooms which had the same sign on the wall?
September 12, 2018
Describe the role social class plays in court processing of criminal defendants.
September 12, 2018

Provide a workflow chart which shows the movement of patients, materials, documents, and information. This will allow efficiency of the clinic. Provide safety training annually, semiannually, or quarterly that will prevent injuries and hazards with patients and employees. Listen to your employees and their concerns both mentally and physically.

Write a 75- to 150-word summary discussing your targeted audience and a rationale for your selection.


Marketing was chosen and the plan is to make the facility appealing to potential patients and their family members. There will have to be additional departments such as mental health for patients and their families, admitting and discharging, and patient advocacy.  We will target individuals with chronic illnesses, the elderly and disabled individuals.  Marketing will need to be on the same page with creating and advertising for the facility and for the staff that will be needed in order to ensure the long-term rehab facility is running smoothly.  Marketing will need to know what positive effect the addition will have on the community and how it will be advantageous to the health care industry.  They will need to know why this facility sets it apart from other similar facilities.  Additional staff will be needed such as geriatric care, mentally and physically disabled persons, wound care nurses, ect.




Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your audience selection to your facilitator for approval.



Part B: Outline Brainstorm


Once you have identified an audience as a team, develop an outline to help organize your research and resources for the final presentation in Week Five. Your team will be responsible for completing the outline for each key point(s) in the assigned week. For example, your team will be responsible for completing the brainstorm and resources for “The effects of organizational structure on communication” key point in Week Two.


Review the Week Five Organizational Structure Presentation assignment.


Include the following in your outline:


  • Brainstorm concepts you will need to discuss to cover the identified key points.
  • Identify resources you will use for the presentation. Please note you do not need to provide a resource for each key point.


Key Points Things to Consider Brainstorm Resources 
Week Two
The effects of organizational structure on communication What are appropriate communication methods for managers within the organization? ·         Identify the uniqueness of individuals·         Treat people with respect

·         Create a positive atmosphere and environment that is supportive

·         Refrain from talking with a negative connotation

·         Present with a positive self-image with patient contact and with decision making

·         Provide opportunities for independence

·         Communication can continuously be built up both internally and externally

·         Emphasize communication with managers that incorporate listening, speaking, and preparation

·         Listening enables effective communication when responding to patients and staff

·         Choosing the appropriate language based on the audience will ensure that one is speaking effectively and that their audience is able to hear and understand what is being said.

·         Preparation for the information that needs to be conveyed will ensure that all the key points are made and that questions are addressed accordingly.




Health Care Business Tech. (2016). Retrieved from http://www.healthcarebusinesstech.com/healthcare-management/practice-management/
What is the importance of these communication methods within the organizational structure? The importance of the communication methods can assist in creating a positive work environment.  Listening, speaking and preparation promote healthy work relationships.  These methods also help with problem solving and conflict resolution so that it is effective and little room for errors.  Being able to take in information and then share it with other audiences provides a work place where relationships, self-confidence are valued and respected.  This will help to establish credibility and ensure that the company is represented according to their mission statement and ethical values.  Also in managing conflict, often times a liaison in the marketing department can be the first step when problems arise.



What internal and external relationships must be considered? Internal relationships which are relationships based solely off of work purposes and external relationships which are ones that are formed outside of work, the two should never cross to prevent unethical/ unprofessional events to happen in the workplace.


External relationships with outside facilities and the transfer and management of patients and care will be started in the marketing department.  Ensuring that patient care is top notch in the facility can be presented by a marketing department.  Having a reputable team to provide care.  Having staff that is compassionate and able to work with patients on all different levels.  Marketing would want to be able to have inpatient facilities from all over to recommend this new long term rehab facility.


Internal relationships are those between staff.  Marketing can pitch a vision and goals in order to lure people to apply for the rehab facility.  Internal relationships can be co-workers and patients so being able to communicate with them about how the program is running and their outlook on it is vital.  External relationships would be any outside vendors you may use, potential customers, and facilities you may be visiting.  Have appropriate communication can make or break your company.


Week Three
The steps involved in organizational planning and functions of management What steps are used to plan and implement change within the organization? When an organization begins the process of change there are four basic steps that should be utilized, planning, organizing, leading and controlling.  Planning consists of several steps first the organization must do environmental scanning of economic conditions, competitors and costumers.  From there they can strategize vision and mission statements, as well as create goals and objectives.  In the organizing stage, you design what the program will look like, create the culture and define job specifics for each employee involved.  The previous steps are then driven by a leader and it is pertinent that they have effective leadership skills to motivate, communicate, problem solve and get the job done.  Lastly is the controlling stage which will help the leader to stay on target with the goals, objectives, and job duties of each employee.  “Controlling consists of three steps, which include (1) establishing performance standards, (2) comparing actual performance against standards, and (3) taking corrective action when necessary” (M. Carpenter, T. Bauer, B. Erdogan, 2009, P.1) 




How might these steps be applied to the scenario? 1.       Planning– outline the budget and financial means specifically what costs out marketing team can spend on promoting this new service, see what competitors our offering and how we can make our service stand out above the rest, and see what services are customers need making sure marketing is expressing this to potential clients.  Create vision and mission statements:Vision: Improving lives for the long term.

Mission: To provide our patients and their families with quality therapeutic care through clinical excellence, extraordinary service and compassion.

Speech Therapists

Marketing Goal: To increase clientele by 25% within a year

2.     Organizing– Define what new positions will be available and their job functions:

Physical Therapists

Physical Therapist Assistants


Occupational Therapists

Speech Therapists

Develop and organizational chart for this department:

At the top Director for Long Term Rehabilitation

Physical therapist Manager

Clinical Manager (RN)

Occupational Therapist Manager


3.     Leading– will be determined by the organization chart and marketing needs to emphasis that with our strong leadership team it is assured that excellent services are being provided each and every time to our clients.

4.     Controlling– The marketing team may not need to know exactly what the job profiles are for each employee but regarding this their feedback from patients and potential patients will be critical to ensure we are meeting the needs and standards we put out.


Explain the administrative process needed to track outcomes and improve quality and safety What environmental influences related to health care may affect outcomes and quality within the organization? Quality and safety is a key administrative concern for every organization. It is important to first identify the safety issues that revolve around the organization to ensure that contingent issues do not happen (McFadden, Stock & Gowen III, 2015). After identifying the issues that may happen, it is important to identify the possible solutions in the management of quality and safety. The environment influences the issues of safety and quality and constant improvement measures should be taken. The choice of the solutions to take in improvement of safety should be made and evaluative strategies are made to ensure effectiveness. The most important part of any process is evaluation to track the success and ensure that corrective measures are made for effectiveness (McFadden, Stock & Gowen III, 2015). Safety and quality needs to be perfect since it impacts on the well- being of people and ensuring that corrective strategies are always in place is vital in ensuring that contingent issues are addressed.  McFadden, K. L., Stock, G. N., & Gowen III, C. R. (2015). Leadership, safety climate, and continuous quality improvement: impact on process quality and patient safety. Health care management review40(1), 24-34. 
What steps will be taken to evaluate quality and safety? Ensure proper usage of services for quality managementEnsure that statistical, contextual, quantitative, predictive, and cognitive measures are taken so that data and services can be tracked. Cross train employees to provide accurate data mining. Provide quality improvement programs at all levels and awards for exceptional performance. Use quality improvement tools which are process mapping, data collection and process analysis. Provide orientation of the facility in a newcomer briefing and in that briefing, provide the mission, values, vision, and ethics of the department.

Provide a workflow chart which shows the movement of patients, materials, documents, and information. This will allow efficiency of the clinic. Provide safety training annually, semiannually, or quarterly that will prevent injuries and hazards with patients and employees. Listen to your employees and their concerns both mentally and physically.

Watch for injury and accident trends in departments, time of day, equipment involved, and injury to the body.  Analyze the trends to find the common factors. Provide a culture that praises safety. Provide a plan of action to correct any hazards.

Describe the effects of controls used in health care management How might financial and human resource control issues affect planning? Human Recourses (HRM) plays a critical role in how an organization functions and the performance of it. It involves the recruitment, placement, evaluation, compensation and development of the employees of an organization. Initially, businesses used computer based information systems to: produce pay checks and payroll reports, also to maintain personal records. One of the main goals of Human Resource is to balance these steps. Strategy -improves the company’s bottom line with its knowledge of how human capital affects organizational success. Compensation-HRM sets companies wages. They conduct surveys to maintain compensation costs in line with organizations current financial status and projected revenue. Benefits-HRM control the task of hiring employees, and set up face to face interviews to see if they will be a fit for the organization, and this is done to reduce the company’s cost with turnovers, attrition and hiring replacement workers. They also have knowledge with individuals hire dates, and one’s individual benefits. Companies cannot build a good team of working professionals without a good HRM.  Chron.com>smallbusiness https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov 


Week Four
Strategies and methods needed to influence organizational change and to minimize conflict What are strategies that might be used to bring about change in the organization?
How might the identified strategies be used to prevent or to minimize conflict?
What strategies might be applied if conflict does arise?
What is the manager’s role in conflict management?
Week Five
The ethical issues considered important in today’s health care organization Explain how ethical issues may alter the way change is conducted in the organization.

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