February 9, 2021
A written paper and business letter required
February 9, 2021

Quality and value

Reply to the statement below in 100 words or more about quality and value

These two terms, quality and value, intertwined with one another when it comes to a product or service. Chris made a valid point about expecting the product to be worth the value of the consumer’s money. From a customer’s perspective, when I make any purchase both quality and value are in mind. For instance, clothes are one item that I buy frequently. I look for a bargain but will not compromise the quality. The quality of a product or service must match or exceed the value of my money. As I read J.R.’s post, I have to agree that some production years ago had better quality than today. Production is moving at a much rapid pace and sometimes quality seems like it’s not priority. Our world is changing so rapidly that we tend to lose focus on things that matter most to consumers.

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