Community Corrections: W1 Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections– 1st response to Lora Kieler
February 25, 2021
Systems Paper
February 26, 2021

Quiz 3 Directions Macroeconomics Principles for a Changing World 25 questions

Quiz 3 Directions:

Please answer each of the following 25 MC questions. (Each question = 1 point.) Once you have started the quiz, the quiz must be completed in 1 hour. There is no “save and return later” feature. Important: Do not hit the “return” button while taking the quiz. Answer the questions in the order provided. Hitting the “return” button will submit the quiz at that point with unanswered questions. Quiz 3 covers topics in chapters 7 – 9. Students will be able to view their quiz scores on LaunchPad after the due date for each quiz has passed.


· Students must complete this assignment by 10/19/17, 11:59 PM CST.

· Students may attempt the quiz once.

· Each student’s first attempt will be counted as his/her score.

· There is a 60 minute time limit for this quiz.

· Students will NOT be able to save their progress and return to the quiz later after starting

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