Introduction to logistics
December 27, 2020
December 28, 2020

read this question and answer, write a 1 paragraph response( have to have new information and at least 5 sentences)

read this question and answer, write a 1 paragraph response( have to have new information and at least 5 sentences)

  1. Discuss the planning function of management. (Chapter 2, pages 50, 52-54)

Planning can occur in different ways, but the objective is the same for all entities involved. Planning can be described as formulating all the steps and actions necessary to accomplish a future goal or outcome. This involves having the foresight to make the correct directions, and having the correct path outlined and understood by those involved. It also consists of choosing the most compatible people for each position of the project. Researching of past and present information is needed to assist in building the plan. One of the most important aspects of planning are goals. Not only is the overall goal important, but when that goal needs to be accomplished and how exactly are extremely important aspects in the process.

Explaining why planning is important may seem easy to some, but knowing why in a managerial mindset is significant. Companies will not survive if they do not plan, even on short-term aspects. For example, if no one plans ahead when printer paper and ink is needed, the office will come to a standstill when they exhaust their current supply. Now this can be magnified in making million dollar business deals, partnerships, and expansion. If firms do not plan, they will fail to stay competitive and afloat.

It is also important to know who is involved in the planning process. Everyone. From all the levels of top, mid, and lower (supervisor) management, to the lower employees, planning is a crucial part of the whole organization. Being able to plan allows for quick response when a crisis happens that requires an immediate response. Most plans are not perfect, and need revisions and constant attention by those involved. Planning is a crucial function that everyone needs to be able to ascertain and apply.

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