explain why Thomas Jefferson looked to the West to fulfill his vision of America. How did he attempt to assure that the West would be accessible?
November 16, 2020
For your first post, explain why you would rather live in a monastery, on a feudal or manorial estate, or in a town. Refer to specific places and times, artifacts, economies, political or power arrang
November 16, 2020

Read-Write papers

There are several small writing papers  4 pages each of actual Text) associated with this course. Writing at the college level means having the ability to produce clear, correct, and coherent prose, adapted to purpose, occasion, and audience. This not only includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation, but the writing process itself. Writing at the college level also entails critical thinking which involves embracing methods of applying both qualitative and quantitative skills analytically and creatively to the subject in order to evaluate arguments, solve problems, and construct alternative strategies.

The purpose of critical analysis writing is not only to improve your writing skills directly but also to stimulate thinking about issues, questions, and problems raised by the readings. You will be rewarded for the process of thinking as well as the end product you produce. This type of writing is described as exploratory, reflective, or “expressive writing, i.e., “writing that lets you think out loud on paper.” This type of writing can help you become more productive and more focused thinkers.  Outside sources may be used to assist the student in writing the paper, however a Works Cited page must be provided with proper MLA notations within the paper and on the Works Cited page.  The Works Cited page is not part of the 3-4 pages of text for the paper. A paper showing excessive plagiarism, more than 5-7% will receive zero “0” points.

The due dates for the papers are posted on the Class Schedule.  Pay special attention to when the papers are due as late papers will NOT be accepted.  Read each essay and write 4 pages on each essay summarizing the reading and responding to it. State the author’s argument and comment upon how well he sustains it.  Each of the essays is from either a book or journal article and is written by a noted scholar.

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