Bus642 wk 5 and 6 discussion help
January 5, 2021
Discussion board question about communications issues
January 5, 2021

Reading question (2)

READING 8.1: Temporary Help Agencies and the Making of a New Employment Practice

READING 8.2: Assessment Instruments for the Global Workforce

1. COMPLETE What are the major strategic choices an organization faces concerning staffing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative? (Critical Thinking Question 3, page 355, in the textbook.) Prepare a 600 word paper.

READING 9.1: Confronting the Bias Against On-Line Learning in Management Education

READING 9.2: Becoming a Leader: Early Career Challenges Faced by MBA Graduates

2. How is training likely to change in the future? (Critical Thinking Question 4, page 398, in the textbook.) Prepare a 600 word paper.

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