Write an academic essay analysing a media representation (e.g. an article or editorial from a newspaper, a film, a YouTube video) in relation to the intercultural concepts of essentialism and non-esssentialism
September 12, 2018
You need to write a 5 – 7 sentence paragraph that identifies two specific education courses and explains how each of those courses assisted or influenced your development in becoming a global citizen.
September 12, 2018

Reflect upon and critically discuss the leadership role of the Registered Nurse in ensuring delivery of quality and safe patient care

Leadership role of the Registered Nurse in ensuring delivery of quality and safe patient care.

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Purpose of Assessment Task 1:
This 1500 word assessment task is an assignment which requires you to draw on your learning in the
course and your ePortfolio to inform transition to the role of the Registered Nurse. This
assessment is worth 40% of your mark for this unit.

Assessment question:
The Registered Nurse is required to demonstrate a variety of leadership skills to be an effective
leader within the healthcare team. Reflect upon and critically discuss the leadership role of the
Registered Nurse in ensuring delivery of quality and safe patient care. You must draw upon the video
interview provided, your ePortfolio reflections and relevant literature to support the discussion.

Unit learning outcomes and Graduate Learning Outcomes:
The assignment addresses the following;
ULO1 Reflect upon the Registered Nurse’s role as a leader in the health care team
ULO4 Critique the principles and processes of clinical risk management and their application in
health care domains
ULO6 Reflect on the importance of continuous professional development in preparation for
transition to the role of Registered Nurse
GLO1 Discipline-specific knowledge and capabilities: appropriate to the level of study related to a
discipline or profession
GLO2 Communication: using oral, written and interpersonal communication to inform, motivate
and effect change
GLO3 Digital literacy: using technologies to find, use and disseminate information
GLO4 Critical thinking: evaluating information using critical and analytical thinking and judgment
GLO5 Problem solving: creating solutions to authentic (real world and ill-defined) problems
GLO6 Self-management: working and learning independently, and taking responsibility for
personal actions

Front page: to include student name and number, essay title and word count.
Spacing: double spacing, with the exception of the reference list page which is to be single
Font and size: 12 point Arial or Calibri
Adhere to word limit requirements (within 10%). The word count does not include headings,
references page, reference citations and direct quotes.
Margins should be as follows: Left 4cm; top, bottom, right 2cm
A reference list should be provided and be on a separate page headed ‘References’ at the end
of the essay
Appendices (if applicable) are attached after the reference list page
Table of contents: Do not include a table of contents unless instructed to do so
Headings to be used in essays of >3,000 words
Provide page numbers on each page not including title page
Student number should be included in the header

Must contain a purposeful introduction that outlines what will be discussed in the assignment.
The body of the assignment will constitute about 80% of the word limit and provide key arguments
supported by relevant literature. The body of the assignment is normally organised in paragraphs of
approximately 100-150 words with each paragraph focused on explanation of one idea. There
should be a logical progression of ideas as demonstrated by logically linked arguments/points made
in each paragraph. Each paragraph should commence with a topic sentence and end with a link to
the next paragraph. The conclusion should provide a summation of ideas that draws the discussion
together and offers the student’s position drawn from the discussion. The conclusion paragraph
should not present any new material (references are not expected).
Communicate using academic writing:
Adhere to conventions of written English (word choice, professional language, grammar, use
of appropriate sentence structure, punctuation and spelling)
Use of direct quotations: Unless really necessary, most assignments do not require the use
of direct quotes, but rather the re-expression of other’s arguments into your own words. If a
direct quotation is used, the student must explain how it adds to the discussion.

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