Project Proposal
February 15, 2021
Answer the two discussion questions below
February 15, 2021

Reflection paper

Please answer the questions below. I need 4 pages minimum (not including cover page), double-space, font size 12. Thank you

Have you ever seen an organization get in trouble because of poor communication among its managers, or between managers and employees? If you have, consider writing your reflection paper about it.

1. Briefly describe the organization. Mention what business it is in, how big it is, and anything else that is important for understanding the rest of your paper.

2. Describe the particular aspects in which communication was deficient. Use specific example(s) of bad or insufficient communication.

How does the poor communication affect the organization? Use example(s) to support your answer.

3. Why was/is communication in the organization deficient?

Use evidence to support your answer.

4. What should be done to improve communication? Who should take action?

Make sure that your answers are realistic and suggest specific actions that specific person(s) should take. For example, “Manager X should be more open to feedback” is not a specific action.

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