Business Practice Argumentative Essay
December 25, 2020
Week 5 Discussion 1
December 25, 2020

Reflection paper


Working individually, each student will complete a short (3 to 5 page) reflection paper on his or her experiences of learning from failure.

Each student should identify three past experiences in which he or she experienced failure. These experiences may be in a professional, personal, or academic setting.

For each experience, you should describe what you learned from the experience and what you would do differently based upon this learning.

Next, consider your personal approach to taking risks and to learning from failure. Identify at least one current situation in which you may be wrong. How might you view this situation differently?

Finally, conclude with your thoughts on how you might most productively approach failure in the future.

Reflection Paper

Summarize and reflect upon your experiences in a three to five page (double spaced) reflection paper. The paper should include:

Introduction (1 paragraph)

Three examples of past failure and learning (up to 1 page each)

One current example of a situation where you may be wrong (up to 1 page)

Ideas for how to approach failure in the future (1 paragraph)

Conclusion (1 paragraph)

12 pt font, double spapced, Times new Roman

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