Propose a policy you would create to improve health care services accessibility, cost
November 15, 2020
—-> —–> —–> PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!You will need the book “Voices of Freedom” and “Give Me Liberty Vol 2” to complete this assignment. I ATTACHED A SCREENSHOT OF HOW THE BOOKS LOO
November 15, 2020

Renaissance art painting essay

renaissance painting 

chosen painting would be 

Michelangelo The Last Judgement 

4-5 page essay

double spaced each paragraph font 12″ times in roman

MLA format

how every paragraph should have

1.short introdcution

why choose the painting who is the painter where did he live etc a mini bio of the painter

an outline of paper

2.descriptive part

detail of the painting what do you see in the painting

dont interpert just yet

3. interpertaive part 

interpert the painting also use insights of scholars always use quation marks

in refrence use articles books of famous scholars opinion on the painting

4.contextualzing part 

painting in context of its time relgious political cultural situation and explain highlights connections 

5 conclusion of essay

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