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February 19, 2021
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February 19, 2021

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From this week’s electronic reserve readings article, Success with staff: How to become a top posted by
Amber Free

From this week’s electronic reserve readings article, Success with staff: How to become a top employer a moderator presented employment related questions regarding success with staffing. One question posed and the discussion followed, I thought was interesting was this:

“MODERATOR: How are the economy and job losses affecting the workforce shortage? What types of retraining are needed for people from manufacturing and other areas who want to enter the health care field?

EASTON: We’ve really been involved in that because prior to the year 2000, our community was the furniture capital of the world. Now all that has moved overseas. Furniture factory workers aren’t making successful transitions into other professions, but their children are more motivated to graduate from high school and to consider community college. In the past, when we had well-paying industrial and manufacturing opportunities, we had a higher dropout rate and fewer in the community college system.

RANDY WALTER (Amerinet): We’re seeing a lot of applicants who have never been in health care before. They are looking for a stable position. I think that’s something that we’re going to see happen across the country, with manufacturing jobs and the economy being hit hard.

PAYNE: I agree. My perception is that nursing especially has become such a viable career and people are going into it because of the stability. In our community, we have three generations working at our hospital and it’s still that kind of place. But in years past, people went into nursing because it was a calling, a passion. Now it’s seen as a great career, but it’s not necessarily a passion for people. They are saying, “Wow, these people are sick, and I’m not sure I enjoy nursing, but it’s a great job.” The nurse managers have to deal with that kind of dynamic more than they had to in the past” (Success with staff: How to become a top employer, 2008, p. 68).

I found this interesting because of the current political employment trend to create more jobs in the United States and to have less work oversees. I have always thought of the health care field as a necessary and ever adapting employment opportunity as science improvements further opportunity and or businesses expand. The growth alone in these two categories promotes employment opportunity and is a selling tool to engage employees. Knowing there are always positions to fill and opportunity to move around within the health care field lend to continuous engagement. There are so many ways to get employed in the health care industry without having to be a nurse or doctor, the possibilities are endless. Even one of my career goals is to gain employment in one of the top health care industries working in for their HR Administrative team. Needless to say times have changed, but this article still shines light on such an important employment discussion.


Success with staff: How to become a top employer. (2008). Hospitals & Health Networks, 82(9), 66-76. Retrieved from https://search-proquest-

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