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December 29, 2020
Grantham University Week 6 South Town Medical Center Case Study
December 29, 2020

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HR Needs Hard Data, Not Gut Feelings posted by

In this article the author states that HR initiatives should be launched only after conducting research and gathering the proper data (HR needs hard data, not gut feelings, 2008). I agree with this viewpoint because without the knowledge of current state it is hard to gage how the initiative will positively or negatively affect the environment. In my current role we are working on a compensation project that includes job laddering, building compensation bands, and creating tiers for positions. Our first step was to gather all the data that was relevant to our project. We met with the managers to assess current state of each job description and the positions. So far we have learned that retention is an issue due to employee’s lack of having career direction and growth. The data allowed us to build a structure around the project with clearcut goals. Although we initially had a “gut feeling” that not providing the employee with career paths was one of the leading causes of turnover. The feeling wasn’t enough to senior management buy into why we needed to conduct the project. On the other hand I do feel as an HR representative over time you develop a feeling that guides you hopefully to the right outcome.

HR needs hard data, not gut feelings.(2008). Canadian HR Reporter, 21(6), 11. Retrieved from https://search-proquest-com.contentproxy.phoenix.e…

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