Write an article
January 14, 2021
Do an I.R.A.C. Analysis
January 14, 2021

Report writing in Global Society

Report writing on the question: How has the changing nature of work and/or labour markets impacted on the lives of workers?

Analyze the interview data and discuss the findings in relation to the literature and academic debates. Reports must include complete reference list and interview schedule. The report should be no more than 2,500 words long. Writing should be relating to theories.

  • Appropriate use of literature to establish and frame a context for the question
  • Strength of linkages between the literature and the interview data
  • A clear argument and a logical and cohesive structure.

Headings should be down this line &/or necessary. Not in sequence.

  • Pyramid subcontracting
  • Industrialization in Southeast Asia
  • Labour market re/de-regulation
  • ‘Gig’ economy with respects to migrants
  • Segmentation of labour markets
  • Skill and labour shortage?
  • Worker exploitations

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