Current Market Conditions Competitive Analysis
February 25, 2021
Refine the Executive Summary for Business Plan Project
February 25, 2021

Research Activity1

Week 3 Activity 3: Research Activity: Business Taxation

The top management of your company has requested information on the tax policies of Denmark. Using the Denmark business guide on Deloitte International Tax and Business Guides, a resource that provides information on the investment climate, operating conditions, and tax system of the major trading countries, prepare a short report summarizing your findings on Denmark’s business taxation. Your report should be a maximum of 1 page, double-spaced, Word or PDF document. However, you can have unlimited number of exhibits that should be put in an Appendix in the same file. You have the option to substitute the company and country featured as examples in this research activity with the company and country you selected in your group project (completely optional).


On the website, go to the “Jurisdiction selector” and select Denmark. Once on the Denmark page, click on “Download the Guide”. The information requested can be found in the “Business taxation” section of the guide.

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