February 9, 2021
closing cASE
February 9, 2021

Research Design Case

Assignment Title: Research Design Case Evaluation The development of deep critical thinking skills will be essential to your success as a marketing researcher in the career marketplace. When you apply critical thinking skills in the design of a study, it’s essential to maintain an open mind by considering the following: 1) considering viewpoints from different reliable sources 2) seeking and evaluating evidence to help formulate the problem under study 3) determining what information is factual or opinion based 4) using reasoning skills and suppressing emotion 5) having the ability to adapt to change Directions for completing this Assignment: In this Assignment, you will evaluate the Chestnut Ridge Country Club case study by using your critical thinking skills. To successfully complete this Assignment, write a 2-3 page critical essay covering the following topics: 1. Formulate a research problem. 2. Compare three basic types of research design (exploratory, descriptive and casual) 3. Evaluate the use of research design for each method 4. Determine appropriate research design method to use in marketing research process

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