Reflection Paper Communications
February 14, 2021
Activity 1 Measure office room dimensions
February 14, 2021

Research Paper

Research Paper – 18 points Prepare a ten (10) page (double-spaced, APA format) paper of any ONE of the key terms found at the end of each chapter. This assignment will ensure you become the subject matter expert on this element of the course curriculum. Please utilize at least five text citations (from the course textbook) and five citations from other sources (published after Jan. 2010) to support your discussion of the topic. This is an academic paper necessitating academic writing.) Please ask your instructor if you have any questions about the expectations for this assignment.

Textbook: Lindell, M., Prater, C., & Perry, R. (2007). Introduction to emergency management. Hoboken,
NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

ISBN-13: 978-0471772606

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