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February 27, 2021
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February 27, 2021

Research paper International Business

You can pick any topic about International Business to do this research paper. Minimum is 7 ages. I need the outline in 2 days but you will have a week to write the whole paper.

The outline must follow this example

Concept Example

Title of Paper: Your research title should have no more than 12 words. This is to teach you to be concise.For example, Internal Strategies for Asessing Organizational Communication Channel Effectiveness.

Foundation of the Study

There is a general lack of published studies on the effectiveness of organizational communication channels and their impact on organizational effectiveness. This paper exploresemployees’ perceptions of the effectiveness of six internal organizational communication channels with respect to the distribution of internal organizational communications.

Research Question

The central research question explored in this paper is the following: Whatinternal strategies do medium-sized law firms use, if any, to assess the effectiveness of their internal communication channels? Note:

Background of the Problem

Organizational communications generally encompass both internal and external communications (i.e., sending and receiving messages both within an organization and with parties outside an organization) and include (a) strategic communications, (b) internal communications, (c) corporate communications, (d) internal marketing, and (e) marketing communications (Christensen, 2014).

Problem Statement

Ineffective communication channels negatively influence the flow of information within an organization and can negatively affect both employee performance and organizational effectiveness (Berger & Iyengar, 2013). Meng and Berger (2012) found 73% of small- and medium-sized organizations have no formal initiatives for assessing the effectiveness of their communication channels. The general business problem is that some managers of law firms do not assess the effectiveness of their organizations’ internal communication channels, which may result in costly inefficiencies and lost business opportunities.


Berger, J., & Iyengar, R. (2013). Communication channels and word of mouth: How the medium shapes the message. Journal of Consumer Research, 40, 567-579. doi:10.1086/671345

Christensen, M. (2014). Communication as a strategic tool in change processes. International Journal of Business Communication, 51, 359-385. doi:10.1177/2329488414525442

Your final paper must include:

Title cover page (APA requirements)


Table of Contents

Foundation of the Study

Research Question

Background of the Problem

Problem Statement

Research Themes (minimum of five themes)

Presentation of Findings (Addresses all five themes)




Abstract (Includes a WOWstatement illuminating the problem under study

Background of the Problem: Provides a brief and concise overview of the context or background of the problem.

Problem Statement: Problem Statement does not exceed 150 words.

Research Questions:

Lists research question in about 10-15 words (20 words max).

Ensures research questionaligns with the specific business problem

Research Themes: (minimum of five themes). Research themes are the areas you wish to discuss about your topic in your presentation of findings. For example: Culture, employee performance, or Organizational effectiveness

Presentation of Findings:

List the overarching research question.

The student identifies each theme. The student analyzes and discusses findings in relation to the themes.

Describes in what ways findings confirm, disconfirm or extend knowledge in the subject.

Application to Professional Practice

Provides a detailed discussion on the applicability of the findings with respect to the professional practice of business. This major sub-section provides a rich academic argument why and how the findings are relevant to improved business practice

Implications for Social Change

Expresses implications in terms of tangible improvements to individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, cultures, or societies as the findings could affect to social change/behaviors.

Recommendations for Action

Ensures recommendations flow logically from the conclusions and contain steps to useful action.

States who needs to pay attention to the results.

Indicate how the results might be disseminated via literature, conferences, training, etc.


Includes a reflection on the researcher’s experience within the process in which the student discusses possible personal biases or preconceived ideas and values, the possible effects of the student and her/his changes in thinking after completing the study.


Closes with a strong concluding statementmaking the take-home message clear to the reader.

References: APA references and format are required.

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