Need help with my accountant class and project on Toosie Roll at rasmussen collage, due on sunday
February 26, 2021
Email Using Social Media Scenario
February 26, 2021

Resourcing human resource

Industry: Ford company

Identify an industry or industries. Students are supposed to select one company to study, and conduct some research on the compensation and benefits offered by the company they select. Students are encouraged to be creative in the ways they conduct their research. For example, you can go to the company’s employment site in order to learn about their pay and benefits; talk to people who work at the company (where possible) and ask them directly about their pay and benefits (where appropriate). You are required to report your findings. Facilitate a discussion on the differences in pay and benefits philosophies, and consider how a pay and benefits policy impacts employee loyalty and retention.

– For the assignment the content of the report should be between 2500- 3000 words long, with 1.5 spacing using Times New Roman font size 12 with 1” margin all around. Students should write the word count of the content (excluding cover, reference list and appendices) on top of the Marking Scheme.

– The research journal articles and other supporting articles from various sources

– Students are to incorporate American Psychological Association (APA) mode of referencing

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