Strategic Communications Planning
January 14, 2021
Cyber attacks
January 14, 2021

Respond to discussion post minimum 100 words

Mines was the therapuetic community I felt was better

State 2 reasons you might agree and 2 reasons you might not agree with their recommended group or strategies.

Responses should be thoughtful, substantive and promote further discussion on the topic. Be respectful and professional in all of your postings.

Student paper down below:

The current situation at the community mental health center for Borderline Personality Disorders patients using the crisis unit with increasing frequency ought to be an alarm, and corrective action needs to be taken. This is because the self-mutilating activities can at times lead to injuries that would be fatal in nature. Apart from that, there is also a need to reduce the costs of crisis intervention services for the seven clients at the center. The appropriate form of intervention that requires being used for them to cease utilizing the services is through creating cognitive-behavioral groups. The main reason for creating this type of group for the patients is because it will aim at erasing some of the negative behavioral patterns that have been evident among some of the patients at the center. Such negative behavioral patterns are to blame for the maladaptive behavior that has been evident among the clients in the recent few weeks.

Some of the issues that would be addressed in the group include practical problem-solving exercises between the group counselor and the clients. The aim of this effort is to ensure participation of all the people involved. The group would be beneficial to the clients in a number of ways. This type of technique will help them in group setting and away form the group. First, it would change the current notions and thoughts that some of the clients have towards trying to get attention through self-mutilating activities (Albin & Bailey, 2014). Such self-mutilating activities if not monitored and controlled would create prior condition or something to happen in the future or expose other people at the center such as visitors and the medical professionals to unnecessary risks. Secondly, it would also change how the clients feel about themselves. This may play a major role enhancing their welfare and well-being as they continue to receive treatment.

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