Week 3 Assignment 3
February 15, 2021
CJ451 Grantham Historical Evolutionary Periods of Terrorism Paper
February 15, 2021

Responding to 2 classmates

Hi Talia!
thank you for helping me with the 4 short questions!

I was hoping you could help me with one more thing regarding the first short question from the 4,

The question was the option international one.

I have to respond to two classmates on their posts on this topic and my professor always comlains that my response isn’t good enough because it does not have enough depth to it and sources. Can you please respond to two of these classmates posts on the”option international”?

Classmate post 1:

Tamara Washington

RE: Week 5 Discussion

From the e-Activity, determine how selectionism helped this company redefine its business model.

Option International pursued a learning and selectionist approach. The selectionist trials of entire company were constantly directed by markets. The market appeared to be choosing which approach is most successful.

First, there came an attempt to brand Option products as PC accessories. The product was launched in 1998 as the FirstFone.

The initial market commentaries about the FirstFone were positive, but the product did not sell well. The Snap-on generated some sales, but was not the expected.

The second selectionist trial was an attempt at a supplier role to telecommunications companies. None of these subcontracting relationships proved to be very successful.

Yet, a third experiment was ongoing. Option had incorporated GPRS into its own card and launched it as the “Globetrotter” in the first quarter of 2001

Not all these experiments were started at the same time, but used as an alternative. They used the ventures as possible options that needed to be explored in order to make an educated choice. The knowledge gained from one tryout was immediately applied to the other experiments.

Selectionism helped Option to put more focus on the customer needs to be able to satisfy its customers.

•Select a new company or one selected in a previous discussion. Compare the challenges and the strategy used in Option International with your selected company

Escend and Options Challenges:

One of Escends challenges was customer needs. Escends had knowledge gaps because the customers could not express their needs; no one understood the product and; where it would create the most value. Option International knowledge gaps and unknowns were creating new business model and how to brand its product. Both companies were trying to get an understanding of the products for success on the market.

After failing an attempt on the market Escends reorganize the original approach to the project. Escends had to understand what they knew about the market opportunity and about their capability to take advantage of this opportunity. Like Option International unsuccessful attempt they learned from these projects. The knowledge that was gained was applied to new projects and direct collaboration with telecom operators became an Option superior business model. Both companies took the knowledge gain and took advantage of opportunities in the market.

*Provide an example of a project that would benefit from selectionism that was not discussed in the textbook or by another student, and explain why it would be beneficial.

I think Sports Authority would have benefited in selectionism by being innovational with their sale approach earlier on in the changing market. The customer was directed more towards online sales and Sports authority did not catch on, “Sports Authority, which was owned by the Los Angeles-based private equity firm Leonard Green & Partners, has said that it was hampered by $1.1 billion in debt, and was late in picking up on shifting consumer trends.1″ I think if early on if Sport Authority would have

Classmate post 2:

Rodney Brown

RE: Week 5 Discussion

Option International was a company founded in 1986 with the purpose of developing modem cards and had early success in the 1990’s witch lead to more competition that they were not ready for. Option International used selectionism to brand their products as PC accessories and develope add on’s for PDA’s ( this failed). After two attempts at at the selectionist trials the third one worked, by developing a high speed data solution.

Gander Mountain is a company that has had to rethink it way of thinking when it comes to social media promotions and sales. they have had multiple set backs in the way that they advertise and the returns that they got from said advertisement and this ultimately lead to they filing bankruptcy and being reorganized under Camping Worlds Holdings they have since re-branded as Gander Outdoors.


The company that i think could have most profitted from the selectioism is the Sears and KMart merger. The social selection had already slated K-Mart to phase out due to the market impact of Target and WalMart, then you throw in Amazon to and they could not compete. Sears beliving that they could come in and some how take over and have a market foot print to match Wal Mart or Traget is not sustainable.


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