Explain the human and financial resources needed to implement a selected nursing model of care.
September 12, 2018
The student nurse asks, “Why is there such an emphasis on spirituality in health care?” Which of the following is the most appropriate response by the nurse preceptor?
September 12, 2018

Revise the following student essay – Florence Nightingale: Environmental Adaptation Theory and Dorothea Orem: Self-care Deficit Theory as per the assessment brief below;

Revise the following student essay – Florence Nightingale: Environmental Adaptation Theory and Dorothea Orem: Self-care Deficit Theory as per the assessment brief below;


Assessment Brief

7.  Size of assessment  3500 – 4000 words
11.  The requirements for the assessment 


The task is to write an essay of no less than 3500 words on the use of models and theories in nursing practice. 

To do this you need to examine models and theories of nursing.  Within the course content we will look at a broad range of these as well as newer forms, such as decision algorithms and care pathways.  For the first part of this assignment you will be asked to look at 2 theories, and using an evidence-base, draw out the strengths and weaknesses of each.  While some of what you present needs to be descriptive, it is important to demonstrate critical thinking and skills of analysis.


In addition you will be asked to apply one model or theory to your own area of practice using a case study approach.  In order that the reader can understand the background to the case study it may be useful to write this briefly within an appendix.  Again by using an evidence-base (some of which you will have found in the first part of the essay), apply a rationale for choosing this model to your own area of practice.  As well as evidence-based material, you can use your own reflective account of why you think/feel that this model would be most appropriate.  It is important that within your essay you make it transparent what is your own opinion and what is coming from the literature evidence.


Learning outcomes 1-4 are assessed via the academic essay. This should focus on the application of a model and/or theory to your own area of practice, and you should critically reflect upon the care management provided.

Learning outcome 5 is linked to your on-line activities and discussions in moodle.


12.  Special instructions 


·   Formative detailed feedback is offered on an essay patch (template in moodle).  This should be submitted to the drop-box within the ‘assessment” section of Moodle no later than 24th October 2016.  Individual electronic feedback will be on the 4th Nov.·   Summative work is due on the 5th December 2016.

·   Coursework should be submitted with the appropriate, completed cover sheet attached/embedded in the file.

·   Retain an electronic of your coursework.


13.  Return of work 


Feedback on your essay patch will be available through Moodle by 4thNovember.Feedback on your summative assessment will be via Moodle by the 10thJanuary 2017.


14.  Assessment criteria 


This essay should cover learning outcomes below.  To be deemed ‘satisfactory’ you should:

  • Discuss and critique 2 different models and /or theories, providing an overview of strengths and weakness of each
  • Provide an evidence-based rationale for the application of one of these models/theories to own area of practice.
  • Cite appropriate literature correctly.


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