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February 14, 2021
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February 14, 2021

Risk communication project (10 papers)

This is a risk communication project that should include 10 papers without the references paper. According to Coppola & Malony text that I attached below, please think about a topic that you can pick (In a specific population)and do the risk communication project about it, and tell me about before you start doing it. Also I attached a document about what you should include in this projects called (risk communication project revised). The third document can expand your thoughts about communication.

Important Notes:

1- It must be about a specific population.

2- You must include all the communication tools that can be used to reach that specific population. (Like radio, social media, local alerts to cell phones, etc) you should think about it and see what appropriate communication methods for the population. Like in rural areas, they may only use radio to deliver a specific message.

3- Read carefully and comprehensively the documents I attached, especially the Cappola & Malony document to understand exactly how to do the project.

4- Use APA format for citation

5- Please tell me what topic you are going to do before you start doing the project.

6- I also attached a sample for a risk communication project, please take a look to see how to do the project.

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