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February 26, 2021
Product/service design process
February 26, 2021

Sales management

APA format, 1200 word count, in text citations and 3 references. One reference can be the book which is uploaded in the drop file.

Read the Mid-Town Office Products case at the end of Chapter 7. Each question should be discussed thoroughly.

1. Provide a summary of the case including an analysis of the key facts and potential dilemma.

2. Ron has met with a potential new customer in downtown Los Angeles. She likes his products but acknowledges a loyalty to her existing supplier of office supplies. She states, “I have known Bill Gentry for 5 years and he has been a very reliable supplier.” Discuss this type of objection and explain the best way to handle it.

3. One of the customers that Ron inherited has told him that they are considering switching to an online supplier because they are cheaper and offer next day delivery. How can Ron effectively respond to these buyer concerns giving consideration to the basic points of negotiating a win-win solution?

4. Being a successful closer will be essential to Ron’s success. Why is it important for Ron to be able to use different closing methods in different situations? What are some closing mistakes that Ron should try to avoid?

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