“Model Countries”
February 22, 2021
Need help writing a paper
February 22, 2021

Selection of food and beverage staff

1) Introduction the importance of the topic/include history, statistics, and key facts/provide a concise statement of the paper’s purpose(s), the contributions the paper makes to the practitioners.

2) Include industry news and articles (source should be included in the body and in the reference section, APA style)/should be from at least more than five sources.

3) Discussion/conclusion – Based on the analyses of the current state, best practices, and news/trends, the following should be included: a) findings, b) any possible barriers/issues/problems associated with the findings, c) forecast of future (suggest creative tactics that can be applied in the new trends).

4) Reference: List source of your references (sources should be reliable and formatted in APA style).

Format: 12 points, double spaced minimum of 10 pages (including cover page and references).

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