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January 12, 2021
cancer in firefighters essay
January 12, 2021

Should the Federal Government Increase Health Care Funding for Low-Income Individuals

My proposition is should the federal government increase funding of health care for low income individuals? I need three different toulmin arguments with 1 claim for each and 2 warrants and at least 1 ground for each. The first claim/ toulmin argument should be about the inherency about the topic, make sure to include different sources as well as mla citation. The second one (should include a claim, warrants, and grounds) should be about the solution to the topic. The grounds need to be different evidence found according to the topic. And the third toulmin argument should be about the side effects, which includes advantages and disadvantages to the topic by picking a side, as well as adding sources and evidence. about two pages for each toulim argument.

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