Utilizing an Open-Systems Model demonstrate how your organization and its subsystems are organized and function
February 24, 2021
week 6 What is the time value of money and how can compound interest be used to calculate the present value of any future amount of money
February 24, 2021

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Introduction/ Conclusion Anita

  • Identify customers and their priorities.Anita
  • Identify a project suitable for Six Sigma efforts based on:
    • Business objectives.
    • Customer needs and feedback. For example, if the team chooses a fast food chain, they could observe and record defects with preparation and delivery of the food, cleaning of the restaurant inside and out, including the rest rooms
    • Productivity of the operation and quality of service measured by such metrics as: wait times per each customer from the time the order is made until the customer is handed their food, customers served per hour per total number of employees, number of errors made in products served vs ordered, friendliness of the staff, and cleanliness of the operation; including inside the restaurant, outside, in the rest rooms, tables, floors, waste baskets, etc.Markell
  • Identify and develop the problem statement. Hector
  • Identify CTQs (critical-to-quality characteristics) the customer considers to have the most impact on quality. Shadina

Execute the measure phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC project including the following:

  • Determine the metrics to measure the process and how it is performing. Katie
  • Identify the key internal processes influencing CTQs and measure the defects currently generated relative to those processes.- Katie

I just need my part of the team assignment about 200-250 words. My name is bolded with the bullet.

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