Criminal Justice Casptone
January 14, 2021
Discussion Question econ EASY
January 14, 2021

Small Group Individual Analysis

i want you to write essay 3 pages about Small Group Individual Analysis

we are group and we have done our presentations last week

1- my name : Fawaz male

2_ jay male

3- Darnea male

4- Steve male

5- Leah female

i am not going to tell you the topic that we have already talked about cuz he told us not to mention it in the paper

some information i about us

we have met 3 times for discussing for the presentations

the first and second meeting we were all present the meeting except ” steve”

the third meeting we were all present the meeting except ” Darnea

we also use an App is called “Group Me ” we discuse a small little things like remind each other for her or his task, meeting place all of meeting were on campus

i guess these the important information about us

and you can just follow what the professor need and write about each of us even me

there are 8 points I only need you to choose one to three concepts and discuss in detail

please you have to see the attached file

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