Final Research essay
January 14, 2021
Full Performance Strategy Analysis
January 14, 2021

Social Media Marketing

Each group will identify a company of interest that engages in corporate social networking. Students are encouraged to select companies with social networking sites that they have personally used in the past. The company may be public or private, for-profit or non-profit, and provide goods or services.

Once a company has been identified, collaborate within your team Discussion area here and work together to answer each of the following questions in the Discussion area of Unit 9 in one (1) collective answer post for each of the three different days beginning with Saturday. Depending on however many students are on your team, you might want to assign each member one of the following questions and have a sixth person post the collective team response. Do not forget to post your team’s response to items 1–6 to the Unit 9 regular Discussion area using your team letter.

  1. What social media website(s) does the company utilize?
  2. Who is the company’s target market? Does the company do a good job of targeting these individuals through its social networking site? Why or why not?
  3. Compare the company’s social networking site with its official website. How does the content and language differ between the two sites?
  4. Social media objectives are listed in Chapter 18 in section 18-2b. Identify the company’s primary social media objectives based on actual communications on its social networking site. Be sure to provide examples.
  5. Describe the promotional methods that the company uses to market products or services on its social networking site.
  6. What do you recommend that the company do to stay on top of current social media trends?
  7. Add reference

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