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February 26, 2021
Leadership Theories
February 26, 2021

sport fundraising unit 1 essay

Submit a two-page essay entitled “The Fundraising Process.” Your essay should discuss the importance of fundraising as

well as the nature and principle of sport business.

You may use the textbook, online sources, articles from the CSU Online Library, and/or resources from your local library

to support your essay.

When writing your essay, please consider the following:

 Your introduction should be engaging and should clearly summarize the topic.

 Your discussion should display critical thinking about the topic and use transitions correctly.

 Your ideas and points should be organized and presented logically.

 Your writing should be clear and concise with excellent use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

 You should use APA format for all of your work.

o A title page and reference page should be present.

 Opinions can be included; however, first person should not be used.

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