Evolution of Business Report
February 20, 2021
Understanding Marketing and Customer Relationships (1050 word response)
February 20, 2021

Strategy and policy

LP1.1 Assignment: Team Strategy and Policy

Directions: Prepare an initial team meeting agenda that includes how the team will determine its role to address strategy, policy, and delivery. Even though this is for a team project, each student on the team will complete their own Team Strategy and Policy submission. It should be written in academic voice.

Include a synopsis of the review of the Industry and Competitive Intelligence reports:

  1. Complete a review of the Footwear Industry Report and the Competitive Intelligence Reports showing practice decision outcomes.
  2. Have an initial meeting with your BSG management team members.
  3. Post your initial team meeting notes, including attendees, and synopsis of the meeting (500 words). The report should include:
    • A completed Certificate of Authorship (do not include in future assignments).
    • The team name and team members.
    • Notes from the team’s review of the BSG reports.
    • Attach a meeting agenda as an appendix.

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