Week 6 Task 9
February 25, 2021
Financial Ratio Analysis (Lowes)
February 25, 2021

Systems Approach to Org Change

Discussion reply no less than 150 words no plagiarism no copy and paste


As defined in the Management book by Darf, power is the ability to potentially impact the behavior of others. Leaders have express a variation of power schemes, either in a hard power format or soft power format. The hard power format is mainly used by leaders who have been given the power to make stronge changes and come in a form of legitimate power, reward power, and coercive power. Soft power format is based off a personal and interpersonal connections and incorporate expert power ans referent power.
In my short time in my current position, I have notice different forms of power being espressed. For example, a nurse had recently been given the right to manage all medical assistants under the department which demostrates legitimate power. As she became used to her position, a change in schedules was implemented to have more functionality to be able to provide coverage in other clinics. We were also instructed to submit any pto request to her in addition to any questions that involve any clinical functions.
As people become leaders, they have been given the opportunity to positively influence employee’s. I think that coercive power should, if anything, should be used with caution. There are some employees that wont change their behavior after being given constructive criticism.

Just like most organizations to have structure and succeed, my place of employment is run by following the chain of command. We have been given the opportunity to get involved in decision making and to implement the new policies and improve other areas of the clinic.

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