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February 21, 2021
Financial and Market Research Business Plan
February 21, 2021

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By Tuesday, your initial posting to the discussion topic below is due in the discussion board. If you use specific information, be sure to cite your source using APA style (see Appendix C of your textbook). By Thursday, reply to at least two classmates’ responses.

Discussions are time sensitive. Therefore, no credit is given if you do not participate by the Tuesday/Thursday due dates.

Writing experts say that good planning at the beginning of a project is an investment that pays off later. If you don’t plan, you pay for it in the middle of your project. A business plan describes a project for an investor and is key for starting a business. Chapters 11, 12, and 13 involve writing business reports, and a business plan is a type of report. You will be writing a business plan as an assignment. Read the Assignment for Chapters 11 – 13, then propose the topic of your business plan in this discussion board. In other words, what new business venture will you propose? Be creative and “dream” about your future career. Be specific on what you plan to do – for example, you might want to start a new business or propose a new venture for an existing business. A business plan involves launching a business, so don’t confuse career goals with business ventures. Obtaining a manager’s position is a career goal, but not something you should propose as a business plan. A business plan could involve a new product or service that you created and plan to market. Another example would be if you were instructed to write a business plan by your boss. For example, if you worked as a convenience store manager and your boss, who owned the convenience store, decided he also wanted to open a restaurant, he might request that you write a business plan. Countless options exist for a business plan, but all include pursuing a new business venture.

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