ACC556 Financial Accounting for Managers week 9 assignment
February 4, 2021
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February 4, 2021

technology impact/relative importance

Answer each question from your experience, perspective, and opinion

As technology has become more widely used in the workplace, particularly automated technology, some workers have come to resent its impact on their lives. This concept is know as technological alienation. Gary Benson suggests that it encompasses powerlessness, meaninglessness, normlessness and mindlessness (p.173).

1. In your work experience, give examples where the use of technology has negatively impacted your work-related well-being. To approach this question, you have to provide the following information

  • Your job description and responsibility
  • What technology/automation was introduced
  • How did it impact on your work performance as well as well-being

2. If you can give advice to your manager, to minimize the problems of automation in your organization, what would it be?

In you and your supervisor disagree about the relative importance and weights of your job duties, how would you reconcile your conflicting opinions?

For example, if you are a customer representative, your supervisor may emphasize the technical aspect of the job, while you think the interpersonal aspect of listening to customers and understanding their problems is more important. What would you do?

Draw on your own work experience

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