GB540 Unit 1 Discussion Topic 1
February 8, 2021
Gainsharing Strategy Case Study
February 8, 2021

Ten Principles of Economics and the Data of Macroeconomics

Scenario: Your organization’s CEO is concerned that members of the strategic planning committee are not familiar with current economic thought and principles.

Prepare a 1,000-word worksheet (worksheet is attached) for the members of the strategic planning committee explaining the following information:

  • How economists are both scientists and policymakers and what principles society uses to allocate its scarce resources.
  • Using the circular flow model, explain the flow of money and goods in an economy.
  • How the economy coordinates society’s independent economic actors.
  • A country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and how it is defined and calculated.
  • How the consumer price index (CPI) is constructed and why it is an imperfect measurement of the cost of living.

Fill-in the attached worksheet. Make sure your final submission is formatted according to APA guidelines with an APA title page, APA citations within the text and a final page with APA formatted references.

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