How did the Allies overcome the German U-boats and win the Battle of the Atlantic?
November 21, 2020
In 1919, Germany signed the treaty of Versailles. did the treaty Wilson’s visions of “peace without victory” why or why not
November 21, 2020

Term Project:

Assignment Instructions

Term Project: You are required to complete the term project, which is a 1200-word APA Style essay. It must be in a Word Document (.doc) uploaded to the assignment section. You are required to use at least four (4) scholarly references, of which two of these references must be peer-reviewed journal articles from the APUS online library databases. Students are required to follow APA Style guidelines. There is a sample paper under Lessons and Resources that students can use as a template for their project. Feel free to copy and keep the sample paper as a model to help guide your work.

For your essay topic, please choose one of the following:

Debate the effectiveness of governmental anti-trafficking policies and the efficacy of rescue and restore programsAnalyze the scope and magnitude of human trafficking business Explain why human trafficking is flourishing in a global economy Analyze the characteristics and special needs of victimsAnalyze the modus operandi (MO) of traffickers and their networksAnalyze the research gaps in Human Trafficking StudiesCompare and contrast the different law enforcement tactics to combat human trafficking I’m looking for critical thinking and that you have a grasp of the criminal justice material you’ve researched. Do not just regurgitate information but analyze the articles, journals, and scholarly literature you use to support your work.

Do not include quotes in your essay.  Even though I love quotes, some students have abused the privilege by quoting material at length.  So please don’t use quotes in your essay, at least not in this one.  Show me that you know the material. 

Another sinister “trick” you should avoid: quasi-plagiarism.  This happens when a student assembles several quotes and then changes a few words to make it sound like original material.  But quasi-plagiarism is basically plagiarism, and that’s both wrong and inexcusable.  Write your own essay using your own words.  When you’re done, you’ll be proud of it.  

Supporting Materials

  • APUS APA Style.pdf (524 KB)
  • APA Style Sample Paper 6th ed 2011.pdf (103 KB)
  • Formal Written Assignment Final Paper Rubrics CJ.pdf (299 KB)

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