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February 14, 2021
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February 14, 2021

The Court’s decision in Graham v. Connor

USE OF FORCE: Watch the video and read the Use of Force material in this week’s learning module

1. The Court’s decision in Graham v. Connor (1989) created the Objective Reasonableness standard when evaluating police use of force (UOF) events. Explain the Court’s definition of this standard and provide examples of factors the Court considers when evaluating a UOF event.

2. Keeping in mind what the Court stated about UOF in Graham, apply at least three (3) factors to the following scenario that resulted in a UOF situation:

You are the responding officer to a call about a suspicious person loitering around the liquor store. You locate the suspect and identify yourself as a police officer. Circumstances unfold that lead you to apply force. Later, at the station you write your arrest/UOF report.

Directions: Fill in the circumstances that unfolded in the UOF event, describing what happened, what you perceived, what information you possessed about the subject prior to engaging him, and what action(s) you took. Use three (3) factors outlined by the Court (check your UOF material in the learning module) when describing what led to your application of force.

Remember, write as if you are painting a picture of what happened so the person reading it will feel as if they are in your shoes. Do not write conclusions, such as, “I was in fear for my life” so I used my Taser. This statement does not describe why you were in fear for your life.

I will post the link and material later.

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