Assigment This week 3
February 15, 2021
Discussion Board unit 3 psychology
February 15, 2021

the list of discuss


  • The Control of money
  • international Financial and Trade Arrangements
  • Fiscal Policy
  • the role of government in Education
  • Capitalism and Discrimination
  • Monopoly and the Social Responsibility of Business and Labor
  • Occupational Licensure
  • The Distribution of Income
  • Social welfare Measure
  • Alleviation of poverty
  • Conclusion; For this assignment you need to read and discuss the conclusion from Capitalism and Freedom. Additionally, you are to discuss your impressions of the book as a whole.For example,you may discuss what you have learned from the book,disagreements

there are some discuss about economic class. please show the own ideas and examples for each one. it is not over -formal discuss . it is ok if you get at least five sentence about each one.

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