Crestwood Inn Case Study Marketing Paper
February 24, 2021
Central Problem Define clearly and concisely the basic problem in the situation
February 24, 2021


Develop the vision and mission statements for an organization. Measure these statements against the criteria for meaningful vision and mission statements, providing comprehensive support and justification. The Case must be completed before the SLP.

First, read the following article:

Klag, M., Giroux, H., & Langley, A. (2012). Strategic planning at Saint Francis de Sales Schools. International Journal of Case Studies in Management (Online), 10(2), 1-20. Retrieved from ProQuest.

Using the article above and the readings provided on the Background page of Module 1, write a 6- to 7-page paper in which you do the following:

Using the criteria for development of quality, meaningful vision and mission statements, create the vision and mission statements for the Saint Francis de Sales Schools, providing comprehensive support for the statements you have developed.

The key aspects of this assignment that are to be covered in your paper include the following:

  • State the criteria that you believe are essential to meaningful, quality vision and mission statements. Provide a minimum of five criteria for each of the two statements (vision and mission). Briefly justify each criterion (1-2 sentences for each).
  • Using the criteria you have selected above, develop the vision and mission statements for the Saint Francis de Sales Schools.
  • Next, using the criteria you have selected, justify the mission and vision statements you have developed.
  • Give clear and convincing rationale for why – in light of events and circumstances discussed in the article – you believe that John Handover should adopt your version of the school’s vision and mission statements.
  • Be sure to use a minimum of three library sources in support of your answers!

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