The Value of Dialogue
February 21, 2021
Project Management Essay
February 21, 2021

Theory of justice as fairness

Part 1: John Rawls and the principles of justice and fairness in the distribution of opportunities and hardships. Rawls’ full theory of justice as fairness is a useful tool for ethical decision making. Use the Internet to research beyond the text on John Rawls’ theory of justice as fairness. For a brief review of Rawls’ concepts you are exploring in this discussion, you may watch the video Political Theory – John Rawls. • Summarize the concept of the original position. • Summarize the concept of the veil of ignorance. • Apply both concepts to an issue in today’s society that you feel is important. 2-3 paragraphs Part 2 Examine the criteria that should be considered when determining if a company is ethical. Explain what factors are important to you when determining the level of a company’s ethics. Justify why these are important criteria. Consider both corporate and personal values in listing your criteria. Examples may include treatment of employees, compliance with laws, or treatment of environment (such as air quality). 2-3 paragraphs

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