Create a 10–12 slide ppt that includes your findings about Internet recruiting and a job posting
February 4, 2021
Manage Control Process
February 4, 2021

Training Program Design

Regarding creating a safety training for an organization. •Identify the appropriate trainer for your program. ◦Will you use an internal employee or an external vendor? ◦Why is your proposed trainer the best fit? •Identify methods for transfer of training. ◦How will the trainees acquire new information? Provide details for your instructional strategy. For example, will they see a video or listen to a lecture? ◦Why did you choose this method? •Describe how the trainees will practice what they have learned. Provide specific examples for how this will take place. •Identify how the trainees will get feedback on their practice. Be specific as to how they will receive direct and individual feedback. •Develop a brief lesson plan for this program.

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