Describe the elements of self-concept, and explain how they affect an individual’s behavior and well-being. Share a related personal experience. Your…
September 18, 2020
Q: Homework help about this case what Is Problems And Solution ?
September 18, 2020

two homework assignment. 5-10 sentences each

1.Review this article as if you were a voting member of a board considering this idea and need to either approve or deny the proposed action.

2.External Forces Blog – Technology

Organizations which fail to update technology and anticipate the changes it causes, in a word, simply fail. The Internet has proven itself a force with which to be reckoned. E-commerce can dramatically affect product sales, customer service, target markets not to mention suppliers or distributors. The extensive use of cell phones, tablets and personal computers has forever altered the way companies conduct business.

Each student is asked to find a current news article from a reputable, business-focused source (e.g., Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Kiplinger’s or Forbes) that illustrates a force in the external environment that impacts your industry. In this blog, post the link to the article and your analysis of what impact the specific force will have on your industry in the next year.

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